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Pie Analysis is a full service business agency specialised in influencer marketing and content production for the social media world.

Our Experience

A holistic approach for your business needs

Pie Analysis is your solution led agency. We have tirelessly worked to set up a service that offers you a holistic approach for your business & professional development needs.

It has taken 3 years to master this current service offering. We have been on an awesome journey of personal development. We have deliberated with the masters of industry talked to likes of the heads of Google, Bing & Amazon. We have spent tireless hours studying the nuances that change industries. We have spent 1000s of hours in RND looking at a multitude of factors that impact all aspects of our service offerings. We have teamed up with numerous government agencies, tech companies and business development groups to prepare for the changes that are happening and will be happening in the online space.

This level of development has strengthened Pie Analysis to adapt its already dynamic approach to digital marketing. We have tested our theories in micro lab scenarios and are confident with the results.

Our Services

Pie Analysis help you share your brand story to the online world through campaigns that convert.

Our team have all been headhunted according to specialisms and practical industry experience.

This scientific and balanced approach has created customer delight with our clients & that is the whole purpose. To create a long term relationship that is clear & trusted.

We have set up various locations to meet business objectives. We have access to 1.5 acres of storage space in our Bolton location. A fully functional photography studio with 4 stages always set up. Our E-commerce shoot studio and lighting are always ready for all e-commerce needs from small products to large boxed shoots. Our HQ is situated in a tech hub that has been custom designed for digital. With its own cinematic green screen studios and filming sets.

We have purposefully stitched all our expertise and professional development of manufacturing, CPD, Teaching Counselling, Product development and Design into holistic packages that can systematically be translated into packages that suite all our clientele.

Transparency & Trust


Our team have all been headhunted according to specialisms and practical industry experience. This scientific and balanced approach has created customer delight with our clients & that is the whole purpose. To create a long term relationship that is transparent & widely-trusted.

"Mona Living was a concept with products. The pie team have done an amazing job in bringing my vision reality. They designed everything you see on my site. From the logo to the product photography. A new relationship that has quickly evolved to be my go to people for my creative and business development. Their consultation and delivery makes my life easy."
Mona Living
"The Pie Analysis team have been an absolute blessing for us as a company. They care about our success and deliver so much value. The Pie Analysis team look after all our Ecommerce needs. They run our social media platforms creating all the content and communications which frees us up to work on other aspects of our business. Pie Analysis a very trustworthy company."
The Towel Shop
"Pie Analysis are part of the Absolute home textiles family. We have been working together for the past 3 years. They look after all our digital needs from consulting about industry changes, site development, PPC , SEO, Ecommerce, photography the list goes on. We Highly recommend Pie Analysis to anyone looking for that personal touch."
Absolute Home Textiles
"The Pie Analysis team have basically done all our digital work. They came highly recommended and we are not disappointed. We are a new business but our 1st year has definitely been made easy by the pie team. They started with a walkthrough of our dated style site and made it fit for our clients adding the correct level of authority. We are going from strength to strength and can see our relationship continuing."
British Wholesales
Our Services


Videos are one of most convenient ways to digest information

We Craft Complete Video Solutions That Convert

Your consumers love videos. Plus, videos are one of most convenient ways to digest information. And it’s more effective than text-based content. 

Our team of highly qualified videographers will help your brand tell its story through commercials, product videos, tutorials and informative videos. And we look after everything from script writing, location setting, to set design and more. 

You tell us your vision, we bring it to life. 

Promotional Videos & Product Videos

SockShop is one of the largest online sellers of socks and hosiery. Their extensive collection caters for everyone and for all occasions. We created this Brand video to showcase a range of customer personas & products.

Vegan skincare brand Mona Living showcases their range of products through a series of how-to videos called ‘DIY with Mona’. These Product videos help to drive authentic engagement. Their entertaining nature really helps to grow their brand.

Educational & Tutorial Videos

Video-based learning is extremely effective. That’s because the human brain processes video-based content 60,000 times faster than text.

We were commissioned by IIEPD, a training platform that specialises in digital marketing and professional development, to develop a series of training & tutorial videos shot at various locations in 4K with multiple cameras all requiring colour grading. In developing these videos, we undertook course research and development, script writing, lesson planning, tutor recruitment, location setting and video production.

Corporate & Commercial Video Production

Don’t forget about one of the most proven video marketing strategies out there: Trailers. Commercial videography is one of the most effective ways of using your assets for advertising and cross-platform campaigns. It is also great way to boost eCommerce conversion and is essential to any website. We can create trailers that can pique interest to your target audience & drive amazing results. 

For skincare brand Mona Living, this trailer focused on delivering a fun, positive and healthy-lifestyle vibe. We sourced the models/actors and arranged the shoot locations.

For creating IIEPD’s trailer, we pulled some of the “best bits” of what the influencer tutors say and developed a funky and entertaining trailer.

Our Services

Stop Motion Product Video

Sites that use Stop Motion to showcase their products see a better conversion rate. 

Stay Ahead of The Competition with eCommerce Videos to boost conversion.

Stop Motion is a game changer, especially for eCommerce Videos and is used by major brands in various industries. It’s a must if you have an extensive product range. Plus, sites that use Stop Motion to showcase their products see a better conversion rate. 

Stop Motion Video for SockShop

Stop Motion Video for SockShop

Stop Motion Videos for Mona Living

Stop-Motion Video Production for The Towel Shop

Our Services


Pictures tell a story that the words can’t tell.


Pie Analysis team of professional photographers are here to create clean professional product images for your business. From the comfort of our own professional studio.

Lifestyle Shoots

Our team is fully equipped to bring your brands’ lifestyle to your audience. We have our own sets that can be changed to your specification or for location shoots of your choosing.

Social / Magazines

Our photography team has industry experience in asset creation for major magazines and publications. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


We work alongside your brief to create samples and mood boards to get that exact design and feel that will resonate with your audience. This we achieve through meticulous planning and brainstorming sessions with you. Till you are completely satisfied.​

Photography Shoots

We then create the assets & settings. Take as many photos as required till its exactly what you want.​


Once the assets have been made, we then edit the work through our various professional tools. Ready for you to present your imagination to your audience.​

Images are a key component to your online presence.

Our team of highly professional photographers, along with their top of the line equipment and editing software, will deliver a collection of high quality images that you can use for your social media and website.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle branding is a great way to showcase your business that is fun, engaging and relatable, without being too salesy. It is able to transform your products or service into a lifestyle. And that’s what lifestyle photography is, you’re not selling your products, you’re selling a lifestyle.  

For successful lifestyle images, you need to bring professional models and prompts to bring your images to life. For Mona Living, we recruit several models to highlight the positive benefits of organic skincare routine.

e-Commerce Photography & Product Photography

For any online store, images will do most of the selling. We offer product photography and bespoke e-Commerce photography. Our e-Commerce shots start from £100 and we also do full scale video campaigns.

We have 2 main studios based in Manchester & Bolton as a a full green screen theater for larger productions.

Invisible Mannequin Photography

In the physical retail world, mannequins help to hold the shape of clothing items and making them look presentable. 

But in the world of eCommerce, mannequins can be distracting. 

Our experienced photography team are able to create a “ghost mannequin effect” to enhance your product’s desirability.

Events Photography

We have covered many high profile events including ITV’s Real Housewives of Cheshire, Boss Women, Wedding Exhibitions, Workshops, Product Launches, Conferences and many more.

Our Services


SEO & PPC play a huge role in generating web traffic.


Driving traffic to your platform, whether it is a website or eCommerce platform, is the necessary first step towards generating revenue. And both SEO & PPC play a huge role in generating web traffic.

Here at Pie Analysis, we have the most experienced SEO & PPC team to assist you with boosting traffic, increase conversion and increase sales.

Pay Per Click From £500+ P/M

With the ever evolving paid marketing landscape, it’s very important to stay on top of the changes.

Our team has successfully run thousands of campaigns for our clients. And we’re always tweaking and enhancing the ads to get them the best ROI possible. Our experienced team have worked with some of the most established global leaders in eCommerce from retail to luxury real estate.

See what we can do for you.

PPC Results

We have generated millions of pounds in revenue for our clients. With years of expertise In Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) & Conversion Optimisation, we have a unique & holistic approach that drives the best results. 

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you. 

We’ve built laser targeted ads that convert. With our ROI focused campaigns, you can be rest assured that your budget is going to perform. Our vast array of experience in both B2C & B2B sectors allows us to use industry insights to help you outperform your competition. 

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