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Work with a dynamic and diverse team.

The Pie Analysis Team have been headhunted by the Pie Analysis management for their exceptional skills in their related industries.

Our experiences and skills allow us to provide you with a unique holistic approach. Strengthening all your marketing needs. With our years working with renowned national and international brands and agencies bringing to you the standards required to achieve.


Design is the unspoken language that makes or breaks your brand. UX / UI is as essential to you brand as paint is to an artist. The nuance in your design differentiates you from your competition. Our design team have worked on so many amazing projects from designing products to posters for our clients. Some of whom are stocked in uber luxury national high streets such as selfridges etc. Whether its a modernist design or the emerging Scandinavian art our team of passionate designers are here to help.

Social Media

Our team of gifted designers are here to create great stories that are supported through great images and videos. We will manage all aspects not your social media from daily posts to planned events.

Web Development

Customised web development is our second nature. Our team of coders and developers are forever imparting their skills to our clienteles businesses. Whether its 3D security to layout customisation. Websites are ever evolving. We love keeping our clients sites ahead of the market.

E-commerce Specialists

Our team has extensive knowledge and skills to build secure sites that are consumer friendly. We have our own in house coders who can customise all your needs whether you’re on a platform such as Bigcommerce or Woo Commerce. We can customise and develop according to your brand needs.


Search engines are not going away any time soon. Getting to the top of search is essential to reach your audience. We are working with clients who are ranking for 100s of top term keywords for years now. We take pride in keeping our clients at the top. Joining our global networks of talent to keep at the top. Join us.

Content Marketing

Content is king. Its your brands voice. Your content must resonate with your customers. You have to speak the language they understand. We have delivered content on a national / international level teaming up with national primetime TV. Our team of experienced creative content creators are always ready for a new adventure.

Paid Search

With the ever evolving paid marketing landscape its very important to stay on top of the changes. Our teams run 1000s of campaigns for our clients. Always tweaking and enhancing the ads to get them the best ROI. Our experienced team have worked with some of the global leaders in ecommerce from retail to luxury real estate. See what we can do for you.

Paid Social

Social Media Marketing is getting bigger by the day. That means your potential customer base is getting bigger too. Whether its Facebook, Instagram or YouTube you need to know how to swim through the complex current of these platforms to resonate and engage with your paying customers. Our experts are here to help to design and data target your primed audience.


Analytics is the proof of concept. Our style of working is to make data sense. We use several analytical tools to implement & evidence clients specs and targets to get the best ROI. Whether its related to PPC or Social Ads or On site CTRs / CTAs our teams experience makes it easy for our clients to understand.

Deep Data

We live & sleep in data. Our data driven approach sets us apart from our competition. In this information age data is king. We use several data mining tools and network with industry leaders all the time. We love being early adopters to latest trends and technology. This allows us to advise our clients of industry changes before their markets gets saturated. Whether its onsite or offsite data we are here to support our clients to get ahead.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the major converting factors for any business. Its a direct link to your customers. Keeping them engaged and wanting more is essential. We have been sending emails on behalf our clients to an audience of 80,000+. We craft design and create every element of emails. Chat with us to see what we can do for you.

Market Research

The Pie team have a history of RND. We are proud to be members / affiliated to many Government Agencies, Trade Chambers which allows us to gain authoritative data on behalf of our clients. We are proud members of the Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce.

Ecommerce Specialists

Our team of developers, coding experts are all trained for all your website needs. From WordPress, platform-based or custom designed sites. Whether it is a new build or a rebranding requirement our team is proficient in understanding the requirements from a UX UI perspective. 

Website Purposes

Your website has 2 main functions

  1. Your audience to wow them engage them and convert them to your business objectives in a safe and secure setting. So they have a great experience and become a loyal customer.
  2. To allow your website to be understood by Search Engines (SERPs) and other relevant bodies so you can be ranked as a reputable authority that in turn is rewarded for your service to your clientele.

Our Approach

Pie Analysis approach is simply honest and transparent service. Book a consultation session to discuss your web development needs.

We Love Data & Analytics

The Pie Analysis team of data analysts have worked with some of the largest businesses in the world. They have worked on projects in the role of global marketing head of internationally renowned luxury car manufacturers running their global campaigns etc. Our team has experiences running 1000s of ads targetting 1000s of keywords all in their stride.

Market Research

For all your product development & marketing research needs our research team will do a market analysis of your products potential opportunities. Taking into account demographics & psychographics.

Being members of numerous trade and business groups we get the latest data regarding your market. We are proud members of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

PPC / SEO / Advertising

With an array of data mining tools and networks at our disposal. Merged with the immense in house talent Pie Analysis is equipped to provide your business with the most accurate solutions.

Contact us to discuss your next campaign.

Content Marketing and Medium Recognition

As the online space continues to evolve at lightning speed as a business owner or team member will know all too well. The company needs to evolve with the changing landscape. what medium may have worked for you last year may be declining this year.

Our internal team and global external advisors are always deliberating and updating us regarding market trends and developments. This allows us to take a much clearer longer-term approach to market strategies.

Pie are members of over 200 global networks that give us the advantage when it comes to strategic delivery.

Speak to one of our advisors for more information.

Consultation & Training

Pie analysis offers a multitude of consultation packages that are tailored to your business needs. Our unique Person-Centred Approach derived from the renowned Carl Rogers really allows you to connect to yourself your business through a holistic approach. Making your business DNA evolve to your personal goals.

We also offer bespoke training packages delivered to staff to elevate your skills positioning to tackle your niche.

Contact us to discuss your plans and strategies.


The reason we have such long lasting relationships with our clients is because of the relationships we build. It evolves into a level of trust and respect. That’s what social media is. Building relationships.

Our Approach

We work with a genuine approach to value to the audience. Answering their needs in a manner that suits them. Taking into consideration intent, engagement and rapport building.


Taking into consideration clients KPIs and Objectives. We have been able to create audiences that become regular customers who share their objectives and requirements. Resulting in a win-win positioning for both clients and customers. Some of the clients have seen an upsurge of 194% in revenue.

Social Media Design

Your layouts, colour schemes and image quality represent your brand message showcases your caliber. Getting that right is imperative to your level of success.

It’s an art that takes years of dedication and continued development. Our team of qualified in house designers are here to help you get your brand voice out through unique designs and layouts.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Campaign Sample

This is one example of the work carried out for one of our clients.

We contacted various bloggers and influencers that we felt could be right for the clients brand.

After interviewing them all this blogger/influencer was chosen.  We worked closely together and had great fun doing so. With a little guidance and shared skills. These are some of the assets we used for the campaign.

The client needed a clean feel that was touched with an air of luxury yet realistic.

When you are targeting an audience of over 100,000 personal customer base. It is so important to get the balance correct. To deliver consistently the brand message and service.

” Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance ”

Coco Chanel

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