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Pie Analysis is a boutique agency specialised in influencer marketing and content production for the social media world.
We connect your brand with the right audience with a story that resonates, on the relevant platforms, at the right time. Taking into consideration our holistic approach we maximise your campaign in every conceivable opportunity. Through our smarter marketing.

Influencer Marketing


For all your Influencer marketing requirements from Brand awareness to Product Recognition & Sales Generation

PR & Brand Management


For all your Public Relation needs whether national or international.

Sponsorships & Outreach


For all your advertising needs through our international networks.

  • Talent Management / Development

Our specialised team will provide you with the correct support, guidance & training to unleash your full potential. Allowing you to focus on your creativity. We enhance your brand objectives through our network of influencers who will be right to represent your brand to your audience in their unique way. Creating for you a team that synergises to your goals. We’re here to help.

  • PR & Brand Management

Using our international network & relationships we put your story in front of the targeted Journalists, Publications, Influencers & Bloggers. Building brand awareness & creating that buzz whilst hitting clear KPI’s.

  • Sponsorship

We understand the number of impressions needed to be remembered is continually growing. Influencer Sponsorship allows for us to connect you with the targeted audience over an extended time allowing for the chance to convert the audience into brand loyalists.

Brand Endorsements & Sponsorship

Influencer marketing is vital for brand awareness. This form of marketing has proven to be an invaluable tool time and time again by up and coming businesses. Influencer marketing has become the focal point of our generation and provides unparalleled value when used correctly. Let us excel your brand in more ways than one with our specialised influencer team.

Luxury Egyptian Towelling Dressing Gown Review and Give Away

A sample of how we run campaigns. This campaign was carried out for a client with little talks.


The campaign was carried out after data analysis of the client’s needs. We studied key conversion factors and routes to entry. After deliberation and measured reviews, a cohort of potential routes was agreed.
Potential candidates were contacted and interviewed to determine the correct fit for the clients KPIs.
Agreements and contracts were finalised.


The assets and giveaways were prepared with meticulous detail.
Campaigns were run on various platforms.
Engagements and evaluations carried out throughout the period.


The KPIs / Objectives were met
Reviews were made for future capitalisation opportunities
New relationships were formed between client, Influencers and most importantly customers.
Feedback from customers was received and evaluated.

Customers and recipients were all delighted win-win. That’s what we strive for.

We take care of it all from creating a rapport on behalf of the brand and potential influencers. We add that human touch to create a positive environment that allows all parties to flourish and enjoy each campaign.
We create all the assets from photography to videography. On location in our studios. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach making you feel we are your inhouse team. Amazing Relationships are the objectives. Relationships between us, you, influencers & especially the customers. 

Some Awesome Recent Relationships Built

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