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Pictures tell a story that the words can’t tell.


Pie Analysis team of professional photographers are here to create clean professional product images for your business. From the comfort of our own professional studio.

Lifestyle Shoots

Our team is fully equipped to bring your brands’ lifestyle to your audience. We have our own sets that can be changed to your specification or for location shoots of your choosing.

Social / Magazines

Our photography team has industry experience in asset creation for major magazines and publications. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


We work alongside your brief to create samples and mood boards to get that exact design and feel that will resonate with your audience. This we achieve through meticulous planning and brainstorming sessions with you. Till you are completely satisfied.​

Photography Shoots

We then create the assets & settings. Take as many photos as required till its exactly what you want.​


Once the assets have been made, we then edit the work through our various professional tools. Ready for you to present your imagination to your audience.​

Images are a key component to your online presence.

Our team of highly professional photographers, along with their top of the line equipment and editing software, will deliver a collection of high quality images that you can use for your social media and website.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle branding is a great way to showcase your business that is fun, engaging and relatable, without being too salesy. It is able to transform your products or service into a lifestyle. And that’s what lifestyle photography is, you’re not selling your products, you’re selling a lifestyle.  

For successful lifestyle images, you need to bring professional models and prompts to bring your images to life. For Mona Living, we recruit several models to highlight the positive benefits of organic skincare routine.

e-Commerce Photography & Product Photography

For any online store, images will do most of the selling. We offer product photography and bespoke e-Commerce photography. Our e-Commerce shots start from £100 and we also do full scale video campaigns.

We have 2 main studios based in Manchester & Bolton as a a full green screen theater for larger productions.

Invisible Mannequin Photography

In the physical retail world, mannequins help to hold the shape of clothing items and making them look presentable. 

But in the world of eCommerce, mannequins can be distracting. 

Our experienced photography team are able to create a “ghost mannequin effect” to enhance your product’s desirability.

Events Photography

We have covered many high profile events including ITV’s Real Housewives of Cheshire, Boss Women, Wedding Exhibitions, Workshops, Product Launches, Conferences and many more.

Set Creation & Product Lifestyle Photography For All Occasions

Lifestyle photography is a great way to showcase your business without being too salesy.

We have worked with clients in numerous industries to create vibrant and engaging lifestyle photography.

Product Photography For All Ecommerce Requirements

For any eCommerce store, images are absolutely vital. 

We provide product photography and bespoke e-Commerce photography starting from £100. 

We have 2 main studios based in Manchester & Bolton as a a full green screen theater for larger productions.

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