Project Brief

Absolute Home Textiles is one of our many clients we have been working with for several years. It’s what we call our Complete Solutions Service ( your business is our business ). We run all elements of digital marketing from Website – Social Media – Hardware / Software – Email marketing – Basically anything that is required to make the business succeed in the ever evolving landscape.


Absolute Home Textiles is an international manufacturer and supplier of Home Textiles with over 30 years experience in supplying the hotels healthcare & hospitality industry. Pie Analysis works alongside Absolute Home Textiles for all their digital business needs. With the new rebranding we had to inculcate the concept of authority quality and service.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos


Absolutes relationship to cotton could not be ignored. We went back to the drawing board with this project. From the seed to the delivery. Cotton being an integral part of the journey. We based the new logo on the cotton bud. With the identity crystal clear we built the website branding all elements around the customers and their services. Clean clear & authoritative with a colour pallet of prestige and authority.

International Brand

With the identity realised the next challenge was to introduce the new branding to our international audience. Below is a few images of the immense task we took on board. From PR, Website to International Trade Fairs.

Paris Equip Hotel 2016

Some images to showcase Absolute Home Textiles new branding on the international stage. The brand was well received and the feedback spoke for itself.

The perfect online experience for you and your client

Your website is a representation of you and what you stand for. The minimalist look yet authoritative feel of the new site was just what the business needed. Thanks to our partners at Pie Analysis

AHT Management

Application Development

The website was built on a BC platform. But needed a lot of custom coding. To integrate all the bespoke requirements for the clientele visiting the site. Like a shop  that always need constant updates according to season , event or product launch. The pie team is ever evolving the website.

Elegance is in the detail.

Pie Analysis

Campaigns and Engagement

Pie Analysis is responsible for every campaign that is run by AHT. From coupon codes to PPC.

The site needs to be versatile and flexible to all business activities. We not only change the layout we do the photography, assets , SEO and outreach to reach maximum ROI.

Consumer Feedback

Trustpilot reviews 1,013 5 stars

Trust Score 9.4/10


194.76% increase in Revenue in 2016/17

Pretty Amazing

Pie Analysis

Your unique full eco cycle company for all your business needs.

Digital Marketing / Digital & Photo Assets / Influencer &  PR / Product Development

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The client needed a clean feel that was touched with an air of luxury yet realistic.

When you are targeting an audience of over 100,000 personal customer base. It is so important to get the balance correct. To deliver consistently the brand message and service.

” Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance ”

Coco Chanel
Authority Blue

RGB: #003399

Military Green

RGB: #00cc99

Eco Silver

RGB: #003399

Smart Product Brief

Celina had designed a new range of Ipad pillows for this new season. The pie team had a very short deadline as the Xmas period was around the corner.

Design It

We created a storyline, ecom photography, distribution assets, Email campaigns, and agree deals with potential distributors.


We created an MVP website, created packaging options, found 5 distribution networks, provided all content to speed up the process for the Xmas season to distributors all within 4 weeks. A great result. Well, we are now sole distributors another great relationship for the Pie family.

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