The Client

ActiveBiller takes on the complexities of medical billing and practice management, providing Electronic Health Records (EHR), medical appointments and billing systems.

The Brief

Active Biller needed a clear, uncluttered system which allows staff to easily process minute to minute administration so they can focus on the more crucial tasks. It had to be quick to process and display information from a massive database, and convey a calm ambiance.

The Solution

Real-time surveys were carried out to inform an accurate strategy.
Pie Analysis put clarity foremost when they designed the user interface. The most important and most frequently used features are most prominently displayed, with nothing demanding your attention. Call-out boxes were built in to display detail when and where it is needed.
The Open Sans typeface is used all over the internet because its clear in all its iterations. It’s become an internet standard having been favoured by Word Press. We retained it for ActiveBiller as it holds authority and is clean and visually appealing.

Sea Green Two





The user experience is almost a playful expression of colour. Its simplicity provides a reassurance of relaxed seriousness. The distinct colours are there to make it very easy to avoid mistakes – subtle colours for format and vivid colours for information.
Everything you see is for a reason. Nothing is superfluous – no clutter.

The Result

• An oasis of calm and organisation in several formats
• Mute tones for context, vivid colours for data
• Intuitive, stylish functions
• Rapid data retrieval and input for many levels of administration and management.

Style is integral to function in the ActiveBiller user interface.

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