Project Brief

The clients wanted to create a completely new range of products for the higher tiered market.  They wanted a more luxurious feel that also had an environmentally friendly approach. The solution was creating a bamboo range of towels and robes. 50% Bamboo 50% cotton. Pie Analysis was involved every step of the process from conception to manufacturing to design and distribution.


Pie Analysis & Absolute Home Textiles teams worked tirelessly together to complete this project.

Starting with a vision board that ran parallel to manufacturing & marketing. All assets had to be made from scratch. The photography social assets PPC and Social media campaigns.

It was an all out effort that took meticulous planning and action. We involved numerous influencers & authorities such as the head of MAC international to endorse or promote the products to potential audiences.

Creative Alignment

Planning every element that of the design process has to go through various levels of development to make the product ideal for the customer.

Logo Development

When manufacturing a product it takes great skills and experience to understand the visible elements your customers will see. sometimes a whole name is needed at other times just the initials.


The colour palate is a blend of the clients brand and the natural eco feel affiliated to the luxurious  product.

  • Authority Blue

    RGB: #003399

  • Military Green

    RGB: #00cc99

  • Eco Silver



Laudanum is a condensed serif display typeface inspired the typography found in street posters of the 19th century. Featuring uppercase, small caps and key word graphic glyphs.
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