Cistera Beebop

Project Brief

The leading New Zealand based company who are global leaders in the AI powered sound and calls management system.


Working primarily on Big data and making it work through AI is the thing they are best at. The engineers are making sure the product and company implement the vision they had while founding the company.


The founders have the vision and idea of the product that will have AI at the back of it and will empower users to manage and understand their huge calling data and how they can use it to implement better services as well as generate insightful analytics to have a clear display for visualisation. The colour scheme syncs with the hip logo.

Visual Orange


Deep Blue


The perfect online experience for you and your client

We create alongside you. This unified approach allows for speed and a clear understanding of the nuances that makes all the difference in this digital age.


Being a product its own right, starting at the emergence of a new direction of online development. We needed to completely change the approach and devise a totally different user strategy to implement perfect UX along with great and minimal aesthetics to the product. that allows for the brand USPs to resonate in the most simplistic way.

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history.”

Professor Stephen Hawking

Application Development

The product was solely an enterprise solution to be used by more technical
managers and engineers hence designed for desktop application and
implemented experience using Angular 6 framework.

“Your brand USP needs its own stage.”

Pie Analysis Team

Pie Design & Digital Team

Your unique full eco cycle company for all your business needs.

Digital Marketing / Digital & Photo Assets / Influencer &  PR / Product Development

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