Project Brief

DFWL is one of those fashion brands that is composed of a modern metropolitan lifestyle of London and a notion of arabesque traditional fashion. The DFWL brief was for Pie Analysis to work on all marketable elements for season 2. This season was going to be bigger and better with even more brands like Elie Saab. An amazing project to showcase some of the best known fashion talents in the world.


Pie Analysis was given the tasks of asserting DFWL as an up to the minute organisation which will settle for nothing but the best.
To increase brand awareness, establish a loyal following and increase traffic even before its DFWL event.

DFWL came up to us with this idea of branding a fashion trend that is popular with UK fashionistas together with Arab fashion designers. We conceptualised a brand that portrays Arab luxury fused with western modernism.


Dubai Fashion Week London is one of those prestigious fashion events that consolidates the metropolitan lifestyle of contemporary London with a notion of arabesque traditional fashion.

With a reputable venue, increased traffic, exclusive audiences and jaw-dropping designers predominantly from Dubai and London they showcase a spectacular collections live on one platform

The scope of the project was brand identity, brand activation, campaign design, event branding and marketing campaigns.





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Pie Analysis transformed the brand identity, brand activation, campaign design, event branding and marketing campaigns for DFWL.

The Logo was redesigned to create a new DNA for the brand.


Season 1 sold out within a week and additional 100 seats which sold out in just a few hours raised the attendee numbers to 500. Season 2 has realised its forte, demand and passion and has increased the number to 1200.

Hosted by Lilly Galich
Billboard Design
Event Programme
Sponsorships eg:
BMW Park Lane


When looking at fashion shows and catwalks, we see a good league of European established and aspiring designers coming on to canvas but a major area which was yet to be claimed was in the Arab – West amalgamation and how it turns out to be a new movement in fashion. The craft of arabesque design and aesthetic along with somewhat more modern and rigid fashion of west was the inspiration.

DFWL promotes its clients from an emerging Arab fashion and style industry to a more modern and concrete fashion style of Britain and Europe. Luxury contemporary in line with the modernist approach of design was the inspiration and people targeted were females from different age particularly working in the fashion and style industry

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