Project Brief

Falcon Micro finance bank operational in USA and have numerous branches that facilitate small and medium companies along with individual entrepreneurs who have a good idea and want to make an impact in the world.


Allowing users to access the mobile application to manage finances and loan applications from startups to students, incorporating the latest design trends and best practices in the fin-tech domain.


The client also had web dashboards which had all the major loan application processes and also allowed for representative chat modules to follow up with the banking process.

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The process and scope started with the mobile app only but quickly evolved to a full service web dashboard and loan application processing flow.
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Application Development

Applications are a complex mechanism in the back end. Configuring 1000s of elements that must all work in sync.

While the results need to be secure and seamless for the user. especially when finances are involved.

The user needs to have confidence in you as a business and the medium they have access to at all times is your website and apps. They need to be made safe secure and always backed up with the latest security systems. That’s what we do.

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