Ginger Sips

Project Brief

A natural drink reflecting and promoting health and freshness. Ginger Sips is reminiscent of those moments when you take a thoroughly deserved and refreshing break after being immersed in an outdoor occupation. A beverage for everyone, it reminds us of the sweet experience of revisiting the root of living, remaining connected to nature and far away people.
Concept Ginger sips is an organic, herbal recipe, a memorable blend of taste and vitality. The drink is harvested by hand by thousands of farmers in Thailand, then carefully dried, blended and crafted into a convenient powered form for the customer. The challenge with the branding of ginger sips and its products was the unique blend of natural drink and healthy lifestyle.


The brand was conceptualised around the natural habitat of sweet ginger and human soul. We came up with an icon that depicts human figure with leaves around it making a negative logo out of it.

Our elaboration on the idea of these thousands of farmers, harvesting the main ingredient, led us to put the human in the centre of the logo, acknowledging how we are connected to the producers of the products we consume, thereby to the human soul.





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The branding and packaging of Ginger Sips includes theme design for the brand, and packaging design for its variety of products. The marketing campaign was also designed with encouraging healthy lifestyle among masses and creating a positive impact to the lives. Ginger Sips identity was conceptualized around the natural habitat of sweet ginger and inspired by our concept of the human soul. We came up with an icon that depicts a blissful human figure formed from the negative space of a clutch of embracing leafs.

It was eco-friendly packaging or what we call it these days sustainable packaging solutions. The paper ink and process which manufactured packaging was all on recycle material and we achieved a great yield of brilliant design.

Project Director / Pie Analysis Team

Departments Involved : UX/UI Design , Market Research & Photography Team

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