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Project Brief

An emerging markets company with diverse interests building ideas with a longterm perspective for future generations. OBS Group is a family owned business dedicated to the nurturing and development of uniquely high quality and contemporary brands through selected distribution channels. OBS Lifestyle is proud to be one of the founding shareholders of Marka, UAE’s first publicly traded retail operator focusing exclusively on the fashion, hospitality and sports segments. Pie analysis brief was to rebrand the whole website in sync with the company’s audience. the aim was to become the Neiman Marcus of the Middle East.
Concept E-commerce has always been an important front for retailers and distributors. OBS Group is an established distributor of world-class brands and products and distributes solely brands like Hermes, Ettinger, Maison Francis Kurkdjian etc. Pie Analysis had to fuse two concepts. The first was to make the existing website processes frictionless for customers. The second approach was to introduce a new demographic of users through a more vibrant and lifestyle-based proposition. The advantage for OBS was that they have exclusivity on most of the premium products they stock for their region – the Middle East.


The colour scheme chosen adds authority with a modern feel, which allows for prominence of the prestigious products. The magnolia and charcoal complement each other with subtle neutrality.

The neutrality of the colours allows the site and marketing assets to take a back seat, while the product is propelled to the forefront. As you can see, your eyes will be drawn to the perfume image on the right as it is nestled in the neutral colour of the roses.





Pie Analysis creates the perfect online experience for your customers.

With the help of our in-house team of design and UX/UI experts, your customers will experience your brand in the way you intended.


Pie Analysis developed a completely new user experience that meets the expectations of OBS Group’s customer base. The images are laid out clearly, presenting the quality of the product. The flow follows suit in both desktop and mobile, keeping the prestigious brand feel in all elements of the site.

The Pie Analysis team works tirelessly to present the DNA of your business that creates visual delight.

Application Development

We created a custom plan for each element related to the customer journey. Take into consideration the demographic, psychographic and data collection that would benefit the customer.

“Satisfy your customer, according to their expectations, you have got yourself a successful business”.

– Team Pie.

Pie Analysis also provided a range of Person Centered training & development for the management of the OBS Group to raise standards and awareness through a mindset shift programme to ensure the correct skillset was present for the organisation to reach its objectives.

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