The Towel Shop – Spring Summer 2019

The Towel Shop is one of our many clients we have been working with for several years. It’s what we call our Complete Solutions Service ( your business is our business ). We run all elements of digital marketing from Website – Social Media – Hardware / Software – Email marketing – Basically anything that is required to make the business succeed in the ever evolving landscape.

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About The Towel Shop

Founded in 1999 as a market stall in the heart of Bolton, The Towel Shop has gone on to establishing itself as Britain’s leading supplier and manufacturer in household linen offering a comprehensive range of towels, bedding, duvets, pillows, table linen and flame resistant bedding to retail customers, businesses and institutions all across the globe.

The Towel Shop’s objective is to provide exceptional quality products at wholesale prices powered by great customer service. We believe that is the backbone to our success and growth over the years.

Summer Photoshoot


"The Video & Photography team at Pie Analysis have brought to life my products and have helped increase my sales"
Iza Peters
Director, Celina Digby