The Towel Shop

Project Brief

The Towel Shop is one of our many clients we have been working with for several years. It’s what we call our Complete Solutions Service ( your business is our business ). We run all elements of digital marketing from Website – Social Media – Hardware / Software – Email marketing – Basically anything that is required to make the business succeed in the ever evolving landscape.


2 years ago we started with a company & branding overhaul. The company had a new management brief to become more B2C centric. The company needed a fresh new feel that was more enticing to a more mainstream market.

The challenge was not to lose the current client base who have been with the company for years.


After a full deep data dive and many consultations and brainstorming sessions with EVs & IVs the results was The Towel Shop needed a clean modern look which didn’t marginalise the mature market.

Pie Analysis & The Towel Shop management agreed on roles and responsibilities that would allow for the swiftest transition to the planned KPIs.

We redesigned the logo – website and all related marketing requirements.


Brand Colors

Colours form our company’s DNA. It tells the story. The colours chosen shows a clean authoritative, company that has a splash of fun.







Being a data driven agency we spent a long period tracking customer journeys, CTRs, CTAs and potential frictions. As majority of users were still desktop first we needed to split test every element to conversion. The new site added fresh authority elements and took away frictions. The whole add to cart was revitalised resulting in a huge uplift in sales.


Any serious online business know that mobile 1st is where online is progressing to. With a forecast of 5 billion mobile users thats an estimated 62.9% of the global population by 2019.

We crafted our social media, site and marketing elements to balance between multi platform use.

Reviews –

To prove the theory we relied on consumer feedback mainly in the form of reviews. The Towel Shop has 3,845 Trustpilot reviews with a 95% satisfaction. A trust score of 9.4/10. We think that says it all.

Results –

The Towel Shop has worked with / supplied many mainstream TV shows such as Big Brothers, X Factor, The Only Way Is Essex to name a few.

A huge 40.05% growth in revenue and brand awareness.

Pie Analysis

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