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We are the digital marketing experts.

At Pie Analysis, we develop and execute digital marketing strategies on a global scale. Based on your brand goals, we shape the optimal strategy that is right for you. This includes connecting you with our media influencers, digital pioneers and content creators to help you engage your target audiences.

We handle it all: from developing creative concepts to campaign realisation and measuring and reporting on the results, we create workflows that connect & empower your business.


Influencer & Creator Connections

Creating a perfect influencer / creator campaign that strengthens all formulations. Our holistic granular approach evolves with all campaigns to best suit all your business goals. 


Continued marketing strategy

We develop innovative strategies that encompasses long-term potential. We amplify them from there. From social media campaigns to brand activation, we make sure to maximise the impact of your brand message through the most effective approaches.


Content strategies

When an influencer genuinely endorses your brand, it shows. That’s why our content strategies give them the freedom to be authentic on the platforms where they have most power. It’s not advertising – we do storytelling.


Production & content creation

We offer full campaign execution and production. Our in-house team will help in creating and managing any assets you may need, but always in collaboration with influencers.

 • Photo & video content for social media

 • Websites & landing pages

 • Events & travel

 • Brand activations

 • Gifting


Training & Development

All our services offer an additional training service to strengthen your brand & business. This allows your team to take on board more of the tasks in house building closer communication & teamwork in a more unified formation to achieve even better results. 

 • Photo & Video Training. 

 • Editing & Branding Training

 • Media Solutions Training

 • Outreach Training

 • Many More Bespoke Packages


Tracking & measurement

All of our campaigns are tailored to your goals. We set KPIs for our clients which are based on measurements we carry out before we’ve even started. That’s how we guarantee success. We track campaign progress, report on  performance and ROI. And make sure you know exactly where we’re at with access to real-time analytics. We measure it all from start to finish and provide you with transparent, tangible insights.


Campaign amplification

We understand it takes a lot of effort to create a campaign, and that’s why we always go above and beyond to ensure that it has the maximum amplification. Our in-house team is able to use paid media to support the influencer content, ensuring the best reach possible.

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Creating Communities

Here at Pie we build your community, the ones that not only follow you but engage with you and are eager to get involved and be part of your narrative. Creating your community is paramount for your brands success and shelf life, we help you build a healthy relationship with your community using analytics, we can provide you with strategies needed to tell your story. 

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Going One Step Further

With 20 years of experience our in house team are ready to take you under their wing so you can master any part of the digital marketing world we live in. Whether you want to learn strategies, PPC, SEO, how to use a camera, edit your content. We can empower you to be the best at what you do. At Pie we strive to provide a service that is tailored to your needs, to power your brand through you. 


Developing Strategy

At Pie we create authentic marketing from social media strategies,  influencer marketing, brand story and digital marketing & training. We bring to life your bespoke game plan to define and execute your strategy, we keep track of your progress when you are learning with us to ensure your progress is furthering your development.

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Competitor analysis

You for sure want to know how your comepetitor is doing in you’re niche not only is this a goal for you to surpass but the data from this will shape your progress.

Create Your Community & Build Your Brand.

We use a multi-channel social media approach

75% of Instagram users take action after looking at a sponsored Instagram post

With 2.5B (MAU) Facebook is the biggest social network in the world

40% of Twitter users made a purchase as a direct result of an influencer tweet

Brand familiarity is 4x more effective by YouTube creators than celebrities

A top trending song on TikTok typically starts trending on Spotify as well, illustrating the true influence of creators on TikTok.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for B2B influencer marketing. Over 61M LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers.

54% of podcast listeners take action after hearing a product advertisement during a podcast.

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