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Videos are one of most convenient ways to digest information

A Frame-By-Frame Roadmap To Success

Make the Video Everyone else Wished they had

Professional Video is becoming a must in the digital space. Long gone are the days where any image is enough. The online users have grown past anything will do. Videos help to present your brand, so you should present it in the best way. 

Our team of qualified video experts & photographers are here to help you share your story through video tell your story through Videos & Pictures.

We Craft Complete Video Solutions That Convert

Your consumers love videos. Plus, videos are one of most convenient ways to digest information. And it’s more effective than text-based content. 

Our team of highly qualified videographers will help your brand tell its story through commercials, product videos, tutorials and informative videos. And we look after everything from script writing, location setting, to set design and more. 

You tell us your vision, we bring it to life. 

Promotional Videos & Product Videos

SockShop is one of the largest online sellers of socks and hosiery. Their extensive collection caters for everyone and for all occasions. We created this Brand video to showcase a range of customer personas & products.

Vegan skincare brand Mona Living showcases their range of products through a series of how-to videos called ‘DIY with Mona’. These Product videos help to drive authentic engagement. Their entertaining nature really helps to grow their brand.

Educational & Tutorial Videos

Video-based learning is extremely effective. That’s because the human brain processes video-based content 60,000 times faster than text.

We were commissioned by IIEPD, a training platform that specialises in digital marketing and professional development, to develop a series of training & tutorial videos shot at various locations in 4K with multiple cameras all requiring colour grading. In developing these videos, we undertook course research and development, script writing, lesson planning, tutor recruitment, location setting and video production.

Corporate & Commercial Video Production

Don’t forget about one of the most proven video marketing strategies out there: Trailers. Commercial videography is one of the most effective ways of using your assets for advertising and cross-platform campaigns. It is also great way to boost eCommerce conversion and is essential to any website. We can create trailers that can pique interest to your target audience & drive amazing results. 

For skincare brand Mona Living, this trailer focused on delivering a fun, positive and healthy-lifestyle vibe. We sourced the models/actors and arranged the shoot locations.

For creating IIEPD’s trailer, we pulled some of the “best bits” of what the influencer tutors say and developed a funky and entertaining trailer.

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Stop Motion Product Video

Sites that use Stop Motion to showcase their products see a better conversion rate. 

Stay Ahead of The Competition with eCommerce Videos to boost conversion.

Stop Motion is a game changer, especially for eCommerce Videos and is used by major brands in various industries. It’s a must if you have an extensive product range. Plus, sites that use Stop Motion to showcase their products see a better conversion rate. 

Stop Motion Video for SockShop

Stop Motion Video for SockShop

Stop Motion Videos for Mona Living

Stop-Motion Video Production for The Towel Shop

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