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Welcome to Here is where you can find the team that you have been looking for. A place where all your online needs are met by the most coveted professional team that has been put together for the sole purpose of creating outstanding solutions for you and your business. The team consists of specialists that have all excelled in their areas of expertise. Ranging from the corporate world, offshore accounts and working with icons that are internationally distinguished. Pieanalysis offers bespoke solutions to whatever your needs are. We are here to put you and your business on the map. No challenge is too immense for us and no project is too minute. Our time, effort and expertise is yours to tailor to your requirements. We are here to facilitate, guide and create something that makes you stand out from the crowd. We love to meet and work with new people so get to know who we are and how we are the answer to what you have been searching for, we are here to facilitate to your requirements so that you get the best out of us and your potential is reached. Our clients contentment is our goal.

"Experiences are the paint. On the canvas of life."

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi
With our help create a package that is solely exclusive to what you aspire for, our services are tailored to you, to who are, what you want and what your business needs. We are the means to you reaching the heights that you see for your business or product. We offer thorough consultative planning from the get go, graphics that will speak to you and your clients, optimized web designs and laser targeted marketing. These are only a few of what we have to offer. Our services are adaptable for you to pick and mix to suit you, this moulds the outcome to exactly what you want for your satisfaction. Our clients end satisfaction is our objective which is why our services are so incomparable. Alongside the distinctive services you will receive our unique 'person centered approach' which has been adapted from the renowned pioneer of development, Carl Rogers. We are a team of passionate enthusiasts who take pride in providing a service that is outstanding and obtains results for our clients. Our approach to working with you and your business is who we are, your goal is our goal and your satisfaction is ours. Take a look at the extensive services that we have to offer.

Graphic Design

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” M Glaser.  
Our artistic designers will do just that. Our design team have worked with some world renowned prestigious agencies. Create graphics that resonates your company / business message to the world. Join our passion for exploring vibrant and colourful concepts that Impact.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is here to stay. It’s not going away any time soon. With over a billion users of social media, it’s an area that needs serious strategic planning. Our Person Centred Approach will analyse and assess your data and give you a clear robust plan to easily implement.


Need some professional Photographs to get done your picture, studio shoots, model shoots or any event to cover? What we do is something way better than a click. We have some of worlds best in the market for that and guess what, they have really high standards of work satisfaction.

Product Placement

Our analysis team does it better than anyone out there. What product, what service, exactly what one need to market and in what area of the country. We will feed you with everything that requires good product placement according to niche what it takes for.


We offer a refreshingly transparent approach to online success through sound Search Engine Optimisation advice that produces quantifiable, measurable and dependable results for our clients nation-wide and around the world. Discover more about how our SEO services can grow your online visibility and drive your website revenues…

Brand Awareness

Branding across products and markets is cost effective and enables new products/services to leverage the success of established business models. Integrating branding solutions increases branding impact and recognition. And yeah, you are right! We are doing that too.


Our PPC team have been managing PPC adverts since they first appeared in the UK. Over this time we’ve developed our own unique methodology for managing campaigns from the small start-ups (with ambitious growth plans) to the very large established leaders in their sector.


Never hesitate just feel free to share your ideas with our experts and we will provide you with the best solutions for your queries.   We have over 20 years’ experience in consultation and management.  Feel free to contact us.

Web Design & Development

Designing & building truly great websites, web apps and mobile apps is really difficult - unlike a design on paper, they move & bend & breathe & continually change shape depending on where and how you use them. Every single image, design flourish, word, button and function needs to be carefully considered and crafted to have the greatest impact. You dream it well create it. Join us.

“It’ll be like getting a bespoke tailor for your business.”  
Pieanalysis formulates your package through personalised consultations and constant reviews to offer you a service that is bespoke and exclusive. Our tailored services and professional web designing are for the sole purpose of your business's long term marketability and growth. We offer a clarity of conscience with personalised custom services, exclusive web designs and assess with meticulous detail using the latest studies and proven statistics in the field. Take a look at our packages to find the one for you..

Package 1


This package allows you to customise all your elements to drive your brand/product to the exclusive world that you deserve. It specialises in already established businesses who know what they want and want it personalised so that it is on point. Create a concrete package that derives success and creates an impact with our custom package.
Package 2


If you are a corporation or a large scale business who require a quality and superior expansion service or support at multi-levels then this is the package for you. We have a dedicated team who have the expertise and the industry know how to steer your plan meticulously so that the outcome is flawless and derives definite success.
Package 3


This is the package that is tailored for the individual business owners, we offer you the support and strategic planning to manoeuvre your business to the heights it deserves. We will work closely with you at every step of the process to create a positive stir that gets you noticed and lets you make your mark.
Package 4

Start Up

This is package is devised to get your business stared and noticed. We offer tailored services so your business flourishes, personalizing to exactly what suits your needs,. From legal set ups to standardisation we can assist with it all. The world loves new, so let us be the one to introduce you to the world, share your vision and let us create the essence.

“We will either find a way, or make one.”  Hannibal Pie Analysis is the name of satisfaction for our clients. Our quality of work is always appreciated, which has let us earn some respect and acknowledgment in the community. Here’s a glimpse into some of our work. (Feel free to contact us for a more personalised profile that meets your needs.)

“ Us & Our Clients work as ONE”  -
We are a team of very experienced individuals from different fields whose main focus is to provide the best to our clients at a standard above their expectations. Our Web Designers, Consultants and IT Specialists are working day and night to satisfy our client’s every need. Our team leaves no stone un-turned to deliver. We create a buzz that we share with all our clients. Check our profiles.

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